Waltzing into an interview with a resume that states where you earned your college degree will not deem anyone “qualified” for a prospective opportunity.  On the other hand, these workers have plenty to tackle with current employment demands, continuous learning choices, plus the pressure to achieve relevant marketability.  The expectations to refresh competencies and develop new skills are in full force as existing jobs are being replaced and eliminated primarily due to automation.  Many recognize the necessity to take on more extensive upskilling and reskilling to regain marketability.  Given the amount of effort and time required to keep an individual’s skills sharp, one must embark on continuous learning, in-house training, certification upkeep and other professional requirements such as corporate and social responsibility.  These activities are extremely time consuming and undoubtedly creep into the “day job”, much needed leisure and a normal night’s sleep.  The workday has been extended in duration due to our “always on” work environment.  The demands are further fueled by mobile habits and our ever present connected Digital World.

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