I have assembled a career’s worth of selling, recruiting, marketing, branding, management, business development, networking, coaching, negotiating, training, and motivating…and rolled it all into a dashboard of service offerings specifically designed to advance an individual’s career objectives.  Studies show that a well-prepared, highly-skilled and agile workforce also benefit the hiring entity which seeks to build a viable, predictable and sustainable pipeline of super talent.  I serve both parties: both the high growth firm acquiring the talent and the aspiring individual whose own career growth takes precedence.  We then make the matches.

Even the most prestigious name brand corporations find themselves in a constant whirlwind to attract and recruit cream of the crop performers especially during an ultra tight job market cycle.  We employ tried and true and commons sense methods to enable our corporate clients to be first in line.  The Trinitas Talent Management team helps single clients establish a higher level of career security while directing them to interested employers appreciative of their skill sets.  We help our corporate clients to build dynamic organizations by attracting the most suitable and skilled information management professionals.

Rick Diana

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