The world is changing, and the future is digital.

Published: Saturday, March 6, 2021
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The Digital World is a contemporary expression to communicate the importance of digital technology, services and tools to  communicate on the Internet, smart devices, the Internet of Things and other digital sources. We are barely entering the early  stages of the so-called Digital Revolution and its impact on business is unprecedented. Yet, the pace and volume of business  grows daily and the effects are profound. Never before has there been a more powerful influence on human behavior,  irrespective of country or culture, than the combined effect of digital technologies. The tremendous effects of this shift on  society are dramatically changing our leadership responsibilities whether in politics, business, teachers in school, or parents  raising children. 

From a worker’s perspective the impact is significant. Gone are the days where the previous generation of workers would  land a good job, dedicate 30-40 years to a single employer, and retire with a pension and a gold watch. Today, it’s forecasted  that workers will experience at least twelve or more employers during one’s career, whether as a conventional “employee” or  alternate engagement routes such as a Subject Matter Expert or Freelancer or Independent as fostered by and through the Gig  Economy. 

Waltzing into an interview with a resume that states where you earned your college degree will not deem anyone  “qualified” for a prospective opportunity. On the other hand, these workers have plenty to tackle with current employment  demands, continuous learning choices, plus the pressure to achieve relevant marketability. The expectations to refresh  competencies and develop new skills are in full force as existing jobs are being replaced and eliminated primarily due to  automation. Many recognize the necessity to take on more extensive upskilling and reskilling to regain marketability. Given  the amount of effort and time required to keep an individual’s skills sharp, one must embark on continuous learning, in-house  training, certification upkeep and other professional requirements such as corporate and social responsibility. These activities  are extremely time consuming and undoubtedly creep into the “day job”, much needed leisure and a normal night’s sleep. The  workday has been extended in duration due to our “always on” work environment. The demands are further fueled by mobile  habits and our ever present connected Digital World

When does the information worker find the time to do the tasks necessary to minimize downtime between work  opportunities: tasks such as branding and marketing oneself, resume writing and updating, networking and perfecting  interviewing skills? These are just a few of the activities whereby the Trinitas Talent Management team can transform careers  via a proven and systematic approach with clear and concise guidance. The outcomes? The first is a robust workforce that is  more creative, adaptable, innovative and secure within the expanding digital culture. Second, an executable plan that can  pave the way toward consistent and repeatable achievement. 

One’s financial obligations are a continuous journey. Even when a worker is gainfully employed and earning well,  introducing uncertainty during a transition period of unknown duration can still lead to financial, family, and stress related  concerns. Trinitas Talent Management is engaged with an array of subject matter experts to enable clients a refreshed view  of the Gig Economy and one’s rightful place in the Digital World. We help our clients to understand and interpret, on a  personal or professional level, what the stated or unstated opportunities could mean in simple terms. We help clear the fog  no matter what the various pundits are touting, whether economic, human capital, societal, corporate or political.  

People are asking: 

  • What exactly are alternative income opportunities?
  • Can I really monetize my unique skills without relying on a traditional corporate job? 
  • How might I prepare to diversify my income stream in the event of an economic downturn?  – Is the Gig Economy just a term or something I can leverage for my future?
  • How can I better serve others in the Digital World

Today’s record employment numbers will not remain forever. It’s up to each individual to  

craft a game plan consistent with one’s desired level of employability and marketability.  

Trinitas Talent Management is here to help these workers not only survive but thrive in  

the new digital economy. It’s time is to work smarter not harder by putting us in your corner.

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