We Care About Your Search

The Trinitas Talent Management team helps single clients establish a higher level of career security while directing them to interested employers appreciative of their skill sets.

Our Game Plan

Unlike the typical talent agency, Trinitas Talent advocates for the client. Developing high talent individuals who are looking to move into the next level in their career skills, then making the matches and connections to the right employers.

With Trinitas Talent, Rick Diana has assembled a career’s worth of recruiting, marketing, coaching, and motivation experience and compiled it all into one valuable and commercially viable service that will advance an individual’s career objectives. Read below to see some of our process that we will utilize to get you up to bat, and make sure you hit it out of the park!

What we offer

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Advocating For The Client

We advocate for the job seeker not the employer. Specializing in helping job seekers realize their highest potential and help negotiate their employment contracts to ensure they are not only compensated for their value, but protected in the long term and receive competitive benefits.

The Breakdown

• I believe in advocating for that high-performing individual who struggles to navigate the corporate waters.

• I provide buoys of practical advice enabling an employee to align with her employer for mutual success. I advocate for the executive who seeks practical tools to lead the corporation toward prosperity.

• I believe sometimes we need to act “selfishly" by keeping the tools sharp and the head clear. As human beings, self-improvement leads to self-contentment and peace of mind. What is the real benefit to planned career development?

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Job Seekers Agent

We work as an agent for the job seeker. Covering the Do’s and Don’ts of negotiating an employment contract, creating leverage in severance, golden parachutes and other pre-negotiation roles. You only get a few opportunities to negotiate employment terms in your career, allow us to use our experience negotiating thousands on contracts work for you.

The Breakdown

• The Do’s and Dont’s to Negotiating an Employment Compensation Package.

• Negotiating Contract Assignments.

• Defining an Interim C-Level Role.

• Creating leverage in severance, golden parachutes and pre-negotiation of roles.

• Managing an Exit and its Implications.

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Assessing Your Market Value

What are your three strongest traits? Trinitas Talent uses a variety of methods and tests to determine your true value, and refine your ability to portray these traits to leverage them into a better life.

The Breakdown

• Many employees will undervalue their knowledge

• We know the items employers value the most

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Adopting The Art Of The Sale

Adopting The Art Of The Sale is a crucial aspect to attaining the highest level of employment. Trinitas Talent will work closely with you to develop you core strengths then develop a strategy to leverage those strengths into a valuable, sellable, proposition for your potential employeer. Learn your worth, define it, and then acquire it.

The Breakdown

• Identify your strengths.

• Learn to sell your self

• Sales 101 for the non-sales professional

• Create a winning proposal

• Don't ask, Don't Get!

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Job Search & Interview Prep

We will work with you to develop a profile and resume that will assist you In getting the role you desire. We will offer you valuable strategies and advice that have been developed through assisting in thousands of placements. Trinitas Talent will also work with you to develop your interview and general communication skills. 

The Breakdown

• Resume and Cover letter building.

• Linked In Profile Optimization and strategies

• Interview Preparation and Strategies

• Develop STAR Skills

• Learn proven methods that will gain the attention of decision makers!