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Large corporations can have the cards stacked against the individual job seeker. We leverage our years of experience and proven tactics to level the playing field, or even put YOU in the advantage.

Our Game Plan

Unlike the typical talent agency, Trinitas Talent advocates for the client. Developing high talent individuals who are looking to move into the next level in their career skills, then making the matches and connections to the right employers.

Even the most prestigious name brand corporations find themselves in a constant whirlwind to attract and recruit cream of the crop performers especially during an ultra tight job market cycle, with so many applicants for a single position it is easy to get lost amongst the weeds. We employ proven and commons sense methods to enable our corporate clients to be first in line.

The Trinitas Talent Management team helps single clients establish a higher level of career security while directing them to interested employers appreciative of their skill sets. We help our corporate clients to build dynamic organizations by attracting the most suitable and skilled information management professionals.

Our Founder

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Rick Diana is an accomplished and dynamic sales executive and servant leader. Rick’s demonstrated leadership includes thirty plus years of high-performance business development, talent acquisition, sales management and organizational consulting. An energetic networker and advisor, Rick is adept at managing complex client environments and recognized in the industry for an intense focus on client satisfaction. In today’s competitive digital business environment, he thrives under the constant challenge to deliver results.

Rick founded Trinitas Talent Management, LLC, an enterprise business services entity primarily focused on recruitment, upskilling and workforce development. TTM enables companies along the East coast to acquire the finest talent, mostly by leveraging Rick’s strong executive relationships and his access to Clevel decision makers across the landscape. One of Rick’s core competencies is his strong ability to cultivate an ecosystem of best-in-breed advisors by brokering winning engagements for his most trusted clients. Rick previously served as Chief Talent Officer with a for an executive search firm serving a multitude of clients ranging from emerging corporations to the Fortune 500. The business model was built and developed so as to align strategically with the C Suite, relying on Rick and his team for their depth in talent sourcing, lead generation, sales operations, client concentration and passion for attracting and galvanizing a productive workforce.

For over a dozen years, he played a vital role executing upon the strategies of several category leaders, most notably Avaya, EMC, Fujitsu, and Harris Lanier. Rick is well-positioned in the areas of human capital, candidate campaigns, analytics, data management, sales force automation, employment branding practices, corporate hiring initiatives, social media, cloud technologies, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. Earlier in his career, Rick was a top producer for a mid-market financial services firm which specialized in equipment leasing and financing.

Rick is a trustee of the Tri-County Scholarship Fund, which supports the educational needs of the most financially disadvantaged children in northern New Jersey, and C.A.S.H., a senior housing community. He serves other charitable causes such as Platinum Minds; Delbarton St. Mary’s Abbey; Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown; and Assumption College for Sistersin Mendham. On a pro bono basis, he mentors college students, up-and-coming professionals and established executives. He volunteers his time to
NPower, a technology service corps that builds careers for young adults and veterans. He also served as an ambassador for the NJ Tech Council (NJTC) and participated in the Technology Roundtable for Commerce & Industry Association of NJ (CIANJ). Rick holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Franklin and Marshall College where he played D3 baseball, held office at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and wrote two weekly sports columns for the College Reporter. Rick is an avid fan of the Yankees, Giants
and Notre Dame Football. At his local parish, he serves as lector and leads the Men’s Cornerstone ministry. He enjoys fundraising, following competitive high school sports and reading the Wall Street Journal. Rick and his wife reside in New Jersey having raised two adult children.

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"Rick is an incredible mentor, whose advice is invaluable for those in a job search. His energy and experience at networking has been an invaluable asset for me. I have immediately used his advice after meeting with him and it is working fantastically for me"

− Controller

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