Trinitas advocates for high-performing individuals who endeavor to optimize and navigate the corporate waters. We provide buoys of practical advice enabling an executive to align with one’s employer/client for mutual success.


  • The Do’s and Dont’s to Negotiating an Employment Compensation Package.
  • Negotiating Contract Assignments.
  • Defining an Interim C-Level Role.
  • Creating leverage in severance, golden parachutes and pre-negotiation of roles.
  • Managing an Exit and its Implications.

Assessing Your Value to the Marketplace

  • Contractor, Stakeholder, Business Partner or Taskmaster.
  • How to Earn and Gain a Promotion.
  • Freelancing with Vigor.
  • How to Gain Financial Momentum in the Midst of a Career Change.
  • Leveraging the Gig Economy and the Alternative Workforce.

Adopting the Art and Science of the Sale

  • Monetizing Your Skills and Capabilities.
  • Sales 101 for the non-Sales Professional.
  • Attracting Clients.
  • Selling Your Services.
  • Networking as a Lifestyle not an event.
  • Create a Winning Proposal.
  • Don’t ask, don’t get.

Job Search Support, Tools & Methods

  • Building a memorable Linked-In Profile
  • Proven methods to garner the attention of ideal jobs and decision makers
  • Following-up with potential employers


  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Basic Presentation Skills: Phone, Zoom, Job Interview
  • Basic STAR Skills

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