Preparing Excellence & Delivering Quality

With over 25 years of experience Trinitas Talent prepares exceptional professionals for their dream careers, and then makes the connections needed to fulfill them.

Take Your Career To The Next Level

High achieving people commonly hire physical fitness trainers, personal wealth managers, landscape architects, golf and tennis instructors, home decorators, and even fashion designers. Savvy professionals invest in a talent agent who can advance ones career.

With Trinitas Talent, Rick Diana has assembled a career’s worth of recruiting, marketing, coaching, and motivation experience and compiled it all into one valuable and commercially viable service that will advance an individual’s career objectives. Staffing firms, temp agencies and headhunters represent the Employer. We advocate for The Talent. Contact me today to get started!

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Advocating For The Client
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We advocate for the job seeker not the employer. Specializing in helping job seekers realize their highest potential and help negotiate their employment contracts to ensure they are not only compensated for their value, but protected in the long term and receive competitive benefits.

Job Seekers Agent
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We work as an agent for the job seeker. Covering the Do’s and Don’ts of negotiating an employment contract, creating leverage in severance, golden parachutes and other pre-negotiation roles. You only get a few opportunities to negotiate employment terms in your career, allow us to use our experience negotiating thousands on contracts work for you.

Assessing Your Market Value
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What are your three strongest traits? Trinitas Talent uses a variety of methods and tests to determine your true value, and refine your ability to portray these traits to leverage them into a better life.

Adopting The Art Of The Sale
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Adopting The Art Of The Sale is a crucial aspect to attaining the highest level of employment. Trinitas Talent will work closely with you to develop you core strengths then develop a strategy to leverage those strengths into a valuable, sellable, proposition for your potential employeer. Learn your worth, define it, and then acquire it.

Job Search & Interview Prep
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We will work with you to develop a profile and resume that will assist you In getting the role you desire. We will offer you valuable strategies and advice that have been developed through assisting in thousands of placements. Trinitas Talent will also work with you to develop your interview and general communication skills. 

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"Rick is an incredible mentor, whose advice is invaluable for those in a job search. His energy and experience at networking has been an invaluable asset for me. I have immediately used his advice after meeting with him and it is working fantastically for me"

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