“I have known Rick for many years in both a professional and personal capacity. I have to say that our personal relationship developed as a direct result of our business dealings and has proven to be an enduring relationship. Rick is one of the few sales professionals that I could actually say that I trusted implicitly. He was a strong negotiator but always had our best interests at heart. Over the years, he always demonstrated the highest integrity and professionalism in the course of our engagements, even sometimes when it was not to his personal advantage. Rick always acted in the best interest of our respective companies but refused to mislead by making unfounded promises or statements about his products and services. Rick was a highly engaging, responsive and active listener who often provided innovative out of the box solutions. He backed up his proposals with solid value propositions which were well defined and clearly articulated. At a personal level, Rick took the time to know each member of my team. He never missed an opportunity to make everyone feel special. We enjoyed his charismatic style and work ethic. He made himself available and accessible to me and my staff at all times. No matter how complex or difficult the business transaction was, we always came away “friends” and with the best deal possible. He is a great people person and asset to any organization he represents.”

— George L., VP Global IT Vendor Management and Procurement

“I believe Rick’s sales and marketing successes have come from his techniques, his drive, and his preparation. Now he is a leader selling the ultimately personal product: getting the right people to commit to career change. It requires another of his strengths: earning others’ trust.”

— Bill K., SVP Product Marketing

It was Rick who provided me the skill set I needed to succeed in business. After a career in direct sales, I eventually started and sold my medical supply company for almost $20MM. Rick’s early training, and his confidence in me, provided me a foundation to create financial independence while establishing a comfortable lifestyle for my family.”

— Bruce B., President & CEO

“I have worked with Rick since the time that he was my account representative at EMC. Rick is one of the few individuals that I have met who was willing to walk away from a transaction rather than promising more than he could deliver. He has handled himself with the utmost honesty and integrity and has always been an advocate within his organization for the customers best interest.”

— Leif M., Senior Managing Director

“Rick is a relentless recruiter. You want him on your side. He always answers the phone and provides you with the facts. You always know where you stand within the hiring process. I hire him in a second, without hesitation. Feel free to contact me for further information.”

—Kim R., Chief Technology Officer

“Rick is a great resource when you’re in need of finding a great candidate. Kind, insightful, genuine, fun, humble and just a super nice guy that makes every meeting with him a positive and valuable experience.”

— Rich E., Global CIO

“There are many people in this world that make a difference in your life and or career. I am lucky to have known Rick for over a decade and he is someone I have always looked up to for advice not only in business but also career. Rick has this passion for helping others and he is incredibly well connected. No matter what subject or individual I mention in a conversation, he responds faster than google. He is a first class executive and a first class human being which is not always seen together. I highly recommend Rick in just about any capacity and anyone that has an opportunity to get to know him, will do too.”

— Carlos R., CISO

“Rick is much more than a staffing recruiter. He takes the time to understand the business challenge that needs to be solved and works to identify the appropriate talent. While working with him on an immediate need requiring multiple people, he came up with a creative way to expedite the interview process – going over an above what I would have expected. Not only is he a focused professional – he takes an interest in his clients as individuals. He is a life-long mentor to others and gives generously of his time and expertise to the community.”

—Risa F., Head of Strategy

“I’ve known Rick personally and by reputation for decades. In both aspects he is someone that stands out as a role model.  I spent my adult life as a Soldier culminating as a General Officer. So i can state without hesitation that I know how to assess talent and build winning teams. Rick is exactly the type of leader and team player that makes everyone around him better – gifted with a piercing intellect, always positive, dedicated and most important he possess a genuine interest in helping others. Rick is the type of friend and co-worker people look to when in need.”

— Joseph H., Strategy & Operations Executive

“It has been my pleasure to know and work with Rick over many recent years. Rick is a no nonsense, high energy, high passion professional. He is a hiring and human capital partner that extends himself to help others in their respective career path. I see Rick as an IT Executive, hiring manager and team builder. He is an expert in talent acquisition. Rick has been a strong advocate for me as I myself have looked at next steps in my own career. I would highly recommend utilizing Ricks services and leverage his deep insights in these critical areas.”

— Greg S., Senior Director

“Working with Rick was not only an absolute delight, but his fast-moving positive energy was extremely helpful to me as a client. He was immediately available to assist, guide, and anticipate throughout. I was especially impressed with the personalized handling and level of attention given by Rick.”

— Jessica C., Vice President

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Rick in my last two positions. He’s detail oriented, understands how to build strong leadership teams and has a straight shooting approach which is greatly appreciated. If James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, Rick may be the hardest working man in staffing. His tireless efforts, truly caring approach to help his clients be successful and his high quality network of candidates are a welcomed change in an industry that isn’t always known for such. Last, but definitely not least, Rick is the kind of partner I want on my side when I’m looking to build teams and to not do these things because they are easy, but because they are hard!”

— Michael K., Management Consultant

“I have known and worked with Rick for over 15 years. Rick is very professional and spends a great deal of time getting to know all of his candidates and companies he represents. He builds long term relationships based on trust and respect and is a very hard worker. I am more than happy to recommend Rick and am certain you will be pleased with his effort and candidate qualification.”

— Bob L., CEO and Chief Revenue Officer

“I’ve worked with Rick for about 3 years now to recruit for key roles in Technology. Rick has been one of the few talent search professionals who takes a long plan view of the business relationship and invests time to understand what we’re doing now and where we’re planning to go. Not only for a specific search, but especially when we’re not conducting a hiring activity. That’s one of the distinguishing characteristics that show through when we go to a new search, the candidates are well versed in our path and were we are within IT.”

— David P., Senior Director

“Rick is highly respected by his clients. I personally consider him one of the most accurate talent evaluators in the IT field. He’s one of those rare individuals who can successfully translate his passion and knowledge of the recruiting business by serving both demanding clients and aspiring candidates. When presenting qualified A Players, he’s able to accurately portray the individual behind the resume. This attribute alone has aided my efforts more than once. We are fast-paced and high growth, therefore, we are always challenged to rapidly identify and attract talent and Rick makes those introductions. I value how Rick and his team market the Experian employment experience to a targeted and competitive pool of interested IT professionals. After seventeen years, IT remains a distinct pleasure to partner with Rick.”

— Joe P., VP Technology Operations

“I met Rick fifteen years ago. He took a sincere interest in my career, mentoring me, as I entered a new company within a foreign industry. Eventually, Rick pursued his dream in the field of executive recruiting where he excels. He advocates for high-performing information management professionals and instills in them practical advice to navigate the waters of a competitive job market. Both the organization and the professional benefit long term from this approach. I highly recommend Rick’s services for individuals who treat their careers seriously.”

— Patrick M., Sr. Account Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rick for the past six months at Avaya, and consider him to be a true sales professional. Working tirelessly and strategically to solve business issues and overcome process hurdles, Rick always thinks ‘out of the box’.” “Going above and beyond to provide the best solution for the customer, Rick epitomizes “The Power of We”!

— Laurie P., Systems Engineer

“I have worked with Rick in various roles, as both a business Partner and a colleague.  I have found him to be a Strategic thinker – understanding and analyzing the big picture as well as looking at the detailed nuances of client needs; thus allowing Rick to bring holistic and creative solutions for his clients. Rick is a leader as well as a consummate Networker, and has a passion and relentless drive for his clients. I highly recommend Rick – as his varied and deep business experience is a clear asset to any client that may be in need of his expertise.”

— Brad H., Enterprise Accounts Manager

“Rick provided me with valuable mentoring during my job search which helped focus my thoughts as he shared his knowledge and offered suggested actions. Rick made time for me to meet both face-to-face as well as provide quick support over the phone and email. He was able to apply his own experiences to my situation in order to develop a job search strategy that worked for me.”

— Kurt S., VP Procurement

“I was fortunate to have attended a seminar led by Rick Diana. Rick has a style like none other, and his approach to job searching is practical and effective. I took Rick’s advice right away. Since that time I quickly expanded my professional network and – most importantly – landed three interviews with companies of high interest. Rick has a unique and targeted method to job searching and, given today’s high level of competition, I am convinced that Rick helped me to stand out against the masses.”

— Curt G., Program Manager

“I had the pleasure of meeting Rick several months ago, during my search for a new career opportunity. He has quickly become an invaluable resource, and an incredible mentor. He is brilliant, enthusiastic, innovative, and unfailingly generous with his time and advice. As my network grows, and I connect with others who know Rick, I am not surprised to hear similar sentiments from all who know him. His reputation is unparalleled, and his value is priceless.”

— Kerrie C., Sr. Staffing Supervisor

“Rick is an incredible mentor, whose advice is invaluable for those in a job search. His energy and experience at networking has been an invaluable asset for me. I have immediately used his advice after meeting with him and it is working fantastically for me.”

— Tom C., Financial Executive

“I worked with Rick on a recent search project. I found Rick’s advice innovative, insightful and timely. With deep industry knowledge and an engaging and enthusiastic approach, there is no doubt in my mind that Rick brings the top talent to his clients time and time again.”

— Sheila O., Vice President

“Rick has been more than just a recruiter, he has been a mentor, partner and friend. Rick challenged me to be more. Rick reached out to me countless times to discuss my journey and was truly interested in how I was doing. There were times out of the blue that Rick would send me a list of companies and ask for feedback on why I would be happy or not happy at any of these companies. He truly wanted to know me and what made me tick.  He would leverage his relationships, contacts and network to get me a leg up on the opportunity, never turning me away.”

— Robert F., VP of IT

“In the course of my ongoing job search, Rick’s willingness to share his mastery of networking continues to provide tremendous value. Rarely does someone in his field offer such depth and breadth of mentorship to career candidates. I highly recommend seeking his services for talent acquisition. As shown by his sea of endorsements, Rick has a well-established reputation as a gifted matchmaker.”

Craig S., Senior PM Consultant

“Rick is a high energy, results driven individual. He has passion for his job and works relentlessly with his clients to ensure there is a good fit for the opportunity presented. A true Win / Win for all parties. From the initial conversation, Rick was fully engaged, understood my skill set and paired me with the appropriate opportunity. Two key traits he demonstrates are honesty and integrity.”

— Tony L., Project Leader

“Rick is a fantastic A level talent scout. He took the time to prepare me well for a very difficult panel interview. I performed much better than I would have without his expert guidance. He has a well-honed skill to build on a person’s strengths with interviewing techniques to set them apart from and above the other highly qualified talent seeking the same position.”

— Dennis Y., Director of Software Development

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rick for many years now and he continues to amaze me with his drive, professionalism, sense of community and genuine caring for others. These traits are evident when when he helps A players find their passion. To know Rick is to know that you have someone who will support you and encourage you to be your best! I’ve worked with Rick in several different venues, both professionally and personally and I can say that I am better because of the experiences.”

— Doug D., Sales & Marketing Executive

“Tireless, motivated connector and networker. And a hell of a nice guy. You need to know Rick.”

Tom L., Senior Marketing Executive

“In business people are either engaged, dedicated and constant in their pursuit toward fulfilling personal and corporate objectives or they are not. Rick has always been the former. Rick Diana can be likened to a steel gear enmeshed in the drive assembly of life that spins at high speed producing that kind of professional “torque” that you associate with leadership, effective teamwork and achievement.  Rick is not for the faint of heart-sort of like a tugboat that pushes huge ships but that prefers operating at the velocity of fast frigate.”

— Bill M., Director of Marketing

“Rick Diana is a polished executive who has proven to always deliver. His work-ethic, competence and loyalty to his company and to the people he serves makes him an A+ in his field. I fully recommend Rick as you will always get top professional service and honesty throughout the process.”

— Kevin M., Chief Revenue Officer

“There is no one I know with more energy, passion, and a bigger heart than Rick. He is goodness to his core. He has given me practical business advice that has done wonders for my career. You can trust Rick to the utmost. He’s sharp, stays relevant, knows what’s going on business, and is totally fun to be around.”

— Charlie H., Celebrated Journalist

“I have known Rick Diana for twenty plus years and have always found him to be full of energy, positively charged, results oriented, and trustworthy. He has incredible sales ability and is able to forge sales relationships with ease. He is always willing to go that extra mile and always achieved a great balance of company needs and client needs.”

— Rita C., Talent Acquisition Manager

“Rick stands out among other executive search professionals not only because his energy level is contagious, but due to his approach of taking time to learn both hiring company and candidate! Many recruiters understand that cultural fit is crucial for success and being productive. Rick is one of the few who actually invests time in making sure that is the case. I have experience working with Rick on multiple opportunities. Rick has great customer service approach and is great help to bounce off various ideas.”

— Gene B., President SIM-NJ

“Rick is absolutely the real deal. When you first meet him you can’t help but enjoy his high energy, enthusiasm, and results focus. Then, as you get to know him, you see his integrity, generosity, and sincere love for people consistently shine through. He knows his profession well, and can save you a LOT of time by cutting through the bull and getting to results. No wonder he has such an amazing network, many of which call him a true friend.”

— Pete C., Performance Coach

Having worked with Rick for over five years, I admire his extraordinary ability to put people first in all that he does, whether it is a casual yet warm introduction among friends, a purposeful business introduction outside his immediate business interests, or, professionally in the acquisition or placement of talent for his clients. He is second to none in both passion and commitment to successfully find/place human capital, and is a relentless networker of high integrity who is a pleasure to count as both a friend and business colleague.”

— Tim T. VP Sales

“I’ve enjoyed working with Rick in pursuit of business development opportunities. He is an extremely professional, ethical, and polished sales executive that operates with the most effective level of customer advocacy. I’ve found Rick to be innovative in his approach and development of win-win solutions, and welcome any opportunity to work with him in the future.”

— Paul G., Business Partner

Rick Diana is one of a kind. He is always available to discuss any topic. Rick provides valuable insight, ideas and opinions. He listens, remembers and offers thoughts from multiple perspectives for one to consider. Rick is a “go getter”, a true professional that can be relied upon indefinitely. I highly recommend Rick!

— Carl G., Business Partner

“I was introduced to Rick in 2015 when I was in transition and knew right away he would be someone I would want to work with in obtaining my new role. He is very knowledgeable about the recruiting industry and corporations that are hiring. He is someone that I have grown to rely on for guidance and advice and will do so throughout the rest of my career. He cares about making the perfect fit for the candidate and employer. I would highly recommend him to any A player who is looking for a new role or any executive looking for exceptional employees.”

— Judy A., Business Owner

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