You ever hear its not what you know its who you know….it’s really who knows you. When you work with Trinitas Talent we put our network and assets in your hands.

Benefit From our network.

When you hire me, you also get access to a compilation of valuable assets that I have acquired over the years. See some of the awesome businesses I work closely with to ensure success for my clients. Are your ready to start your journey to your desired future today? Book a consultation today so we can start a conversation on how we can get you to the next level with your career.

Development Networks

There is power in who you know, one of my great skills that I will teach you is how to not only leverage your existing network but expand it.

Extraordinary Job Seekers

A forum to discuss how to market, promote, convey and optimally monetize your God-given talents.

Young Professionals Unite

Young Professionals Unite is a LinkedIn Group that brings together college students and young professionals seeking to prepare and advance one’s career aspirations.

Benefit From our network.

In order to prepare you for and help get you into your dream position we leverage our network of businesses we have developed great relationships with. Check out some of them below.

The Leaders Evolution

Building and developing successful people, great leaders, and high-performing teams.

Coach Pete

Clarity for Your Calling, Practical Wisdom for Results

42Growth Strategies

A complete digital marketing and web design agency.

Gallico Advisors

Gallico Advisors specialize in partnering with early-stage technology company CEO’s to help develop and refine their GTM strategy and much more.

Mesh Digital

From developing tailored strategies that modernize business, to leading the charge of digital product development, we’re your partner for Digitally led change.

JCX Strategies

Through innovative client engagement frameworks, methodologies, and interactive workshops, clients uncover measurable business success plans that create transparency, trust, and collaboration, resulting in revenue growth for the client and business success for their customers.


Our ecosystem supports a vast array of philanthropic causes with our time, talent and treasure. Please take the time to checkout some of these great foundations.


Its important to stay in the loop on what is current in the industry, that is why we work with and belong to several associations.

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"I was introduced to Rick a few months ago by a good friend when the COVID crisis put my contract in jeopardy. My friend really talked Rick up and I was thinking "ok, I'll talk to the guy but this is just a courtesy". Well, Rick lived up to and beyond the hype. I'd never heard of an "agent" for executives on the hunt for their next gig and thought "wow, I'll be taken care of like Jay-Z and Beyonce!" Rick's vast and deep network of connections got me in touch with the right people at the right time in the right situations. He's also a fantastic mentor and coach with some proven methods and techniques. In the end, he's also a person you can just talk to when you need it. Whether it's to run a strategy by him or just to shoot the s---. I wholeheartedly recommend his services. Thanks Rick!"

− Jeremy Marut

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